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Nowadays, you don’t run into the term as much, and there’s good reason for that. The downsizing craze has morphed into a larger, more philosophical trend called either simplification or decluttering. The concept behind this newer version of minimalism is to remove both physical and mental baggage from your life in order to be happier. For many people, the process seems to pay off in the ability to save more money, reduce stress levels, improve physical health, and more. No matter your age, if you have the urge to simplify things and eliminate all the complexities that can stand in the way of enjoying everyday life, here are a few of the fastest ways to get the job done. No one method works for everyone, so feel free to pick, choose, mix, and match until you find a strategy that suits your downsizing needs. For generations, many have simplified their lifestyles by selling a home that’s too large for their needs. When young men and women start families, they often need bigger homes to accommodate the kids. But after the nest is empty , what’s the use of maintaining a four-bedroom home, for example, when only two people live in it? Moving into a more suitable house, condo, or townhome is one of the most common ways that today’s couples downsize. The huge advantage is the financial savings that come with the new, more efficient dwelling. Not only are payments usually much lower, but utilities, upkeep, and insurance are typically a fraction of what they were in the previous home. If you want to make life less complicated and decide you no longer need a life insurance policy, you can look into selling the policy via a life settlement. It’s a fast way of turning unneeded insurance coverage into cold, hard cash. For starters, you’ll get a lump sum payment, which translates into more financial protection for any stage of your career. It’s important to speak with an expert on the topic so you can be certain to get the highest payout. In most cases, what you receive in cash is greater than the current cash surrender value of the coverage. It’s surprising how many people own two or more vehicles but only use one for their daily needs. Likewise, if you take a look in your attic, basement, and garage, chances are that you’ll spot several items that could fetch a decent price.

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Two independent audit firms, with proven experience and methodologies, through 3,000 hours of work concluded that the allegations in the anonymous report were unfounded. We have established our integrity in a rigorous process of transparency. The share price rose accordingly. New slanders and fabricated stories were conveniently released. These allegations were brought to the attention of the courts and the regulators, to be included in the ongoing investigations. There are adequate legal recourses to detect fraudulent practices. From now on, we will only comment on this case with the authorities empowered to judge it. We know that the more.. methods used will be condemned, but in the meantime our company is at risk and its shareholders are being unfairly ripped off. I would like to emphasise that Solutions 30 is growing strongly despite the context of the pandemic. Its fundamentals are robust. We intend to continue our development in growing markets and we are on the way to successfully duplicate our French success everywhere we operate. It is essential that the team refocus on this great challenge and that' s what we will do from now on. Meanwhile, we are accelerating our efforts to improve our governance and our corporate improvement plan, which aims in particular to strengthen and systemise our control procedures. We will regularly inform the markets of the progress we have committed to. What is the status of the complaints you have filed? Have the regulatory authorities opened investigations?